So as well as this lovely, most interesting blog that you read before you (nod and agree), I also have a Youtube Channel. It’s still new, fresh and mostly me working out whether I’m smiling enough. The answer is always NO as you can never smile enough as my Tesco Manager used to say.

I post two times a week, Thursday and Saturday and the content is just right up your street! I post videos about mum life, hauls, tips and hacks to weekly vlogs and maybe just maybe I’ll borrow someone’s kitchen to film a recipe.

If you enjoy seeing a 24 year old with the ways of a 40 year old then you are in luck So come on over and watch this bulldozer (I’ve been referred to as worse) chat rubbish, sit on the various sofas and muddle through parenting.

Here are a few videos I’ve made, but if you want to be part of my wonderful gang then head on over to Amikatie or click here and SUBSCRIBE BIATCHES (Can not pull that off).


Katie xx