My name is Katie and I enjoy writing about my love for food mostly, but sometimes what is happening in my life so I have so13495044_10207784847835677_3382813349786495521_nmething to look back on and share when I do something different.

I am 24 years old and write this from the comforts of my home, in Stoke on Trent where everyone calls each other “duck”, I live with my boyfriend and our soon to be child and too much stuff we don’t need.

My love of food was created at uni when I decided I’d had enough of frozen pizzas and alphabet potato shapes (sometimes I do still indulge) and I taught myself to cook. Something my parents had been trying to do for years and I think they are glad it finally happened.

I do work alongside writing this blog so I hope it’s something I can enjoy and you will find interesting.


Love Katie xx