Feb Favourites

Hi guys,

So I posted something on Twitter earlier today about how I can just not believe it’s March already? January went on forever and February was gone in the flick of an eye, that I felt I didn’t have chance to make anything my favourite. Just to say again, March is hopefully the month by baby is born! I would apologise for mentioning it, but ya know it’s my first baby.

I try and keep a list on my phone in the notes section of favourite things, but sadly this month it’s a short list so I apologise in advance. I like to keep it a mixture of things as I’m sure everyone doesn’t just have favourite foods or favourite beauty items. I’ve also included this month my favourite blogger and favourite vlogger. I’m always looking for new bloggers and vloggers so if you have any you think I should read/watch let me know.

So let’s crack on!

Jordens Granola with honey


This stuff is food from the gods, I’m not joking. I can only have it about once a week because it’s so sweet but it’s my favourite Granola I’ve ever eaten so far. I believe it’s sold at all supermarkets but it’s very crumbly and goes great either by itself with milk or yogurt and fruit.

Duck breasts


This month was the first time I’ve tried Duck breasts, well tried cooking them and I was seriously impressed at how easy it was. I will be buying these in the future as I will always order Duck in a restaurant. I made Thai Duck Breast and the recipe is here.Β 

There are other supermarkets that sold Duck breasts too, but we got ours from Asda.

Damned (TV Show)


As a social worker, I should be horribly opposed to this TV show however if you can get over the fact it’s a very inaccurate representation of social workers then it’s so funny. It’s a show about children’s social workers and it’s currently on it’s second series. It stars Alan Davies and Jo Brand and I love it for some light humour.

Garnier Eye Remover


This has been around for a while so you may be thinking hm why has she included this. I’m a bit late of the bandwagon and only just discovered it, but it’s flippin’ fantastic. If you don’t know, you squirt a little bit onto a cotton pad and place cotton pad on your eye for about 5-10 seconds and wipe away and all your eye make-up comes off in one go. Sometimes if I have more on it takes a few wipes, but it takes away the stern rubbing and doesn’t leave me looking like I’ve being crying. Also it’s purple, so even better.


When I’m ordering make-up I always check this website first as sometimes you can get the brand you want for cheaper. I always get my clinique make-up from here and it’s really quick delivery.

Vlogger – Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter)

Louise Pentland is one of the more well known Vloggers but I’ve only just started watching her videos over the past few months and I just think she is down to earth, beautiful, funny and amazing mum. She does a weekly vlog as well videos on the side about beauty, home and other bits and bobs. If you are a mum/mum to be or just generally like life then you should watch her as she is very relatable.

Blogger – Breakfast as Madisons


Madison is a blogger who lives in Denmark and blogs about beauty, food, travelling and general life. Madison is American so her blog is in English, and it’s a really good read and really interesting. Madison is super lovely and reads my blog (again anyone that does that deserves a mention) but her blog is seriously great so go check it out!

So again, sorry so short and sweet but I’ll try better in March… but if you didn’t know I’m expecting a baby in March (not mentioned it all!) so that will probably be my favourite thing!

instagram-logo-png-transparent-background-1024x1024.pngI’m also on Instagram and post pictures daily of my food and life – check me out and follow @Amikatie20

Katie xx


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I'm Katie, a 24 year old going on 40 Northerner, a new mum to baby Pippa who loves posting pictures of my food and Dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging and sharing my love of cake, feminism, jumpers and savings with a whole new community.

3 thoughts on “Feb Favourites

  1. I’ve never tried duck breasts but I want to start cooking basic food at my flat a lot more and it sounds like buying a few of these would be good. Also, Damned looks pretty good, I’ve recently started Marvel’s Jessica Jones and love that as well, it seems like you’d enjoy it too.

    Wandering Everywhere


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