Summer Fruits Crumble

Hello guys!

As the mornings get lighter when we wake up and I’m not freezing my nipples off on a daily basis, I can start to think Summer Summer Summer. I’m quickly brought back to the reality that is Winter when I have two blankets wrapped around me and after giving my scarf away to a child who was freezing the other day, I learnt how cold it still is.

This is a super scrumptious pudding – pudding not dessert as it’s definitely home cooked food and reminds me of Sundays at my parents house as we dozed in front of the TV. I’ve combined my favourite crumble with the delights of Summer Fruits – hopefully some of you make it this weekend!

Note – I tried to use the Hairy Biker website for the crumble recipe, however it was so stodgy and not crumbly at all so we ended up adapting our own. I would NOT recommend this recipe if you want to make yourself a crumble.



– 450g frozen summer fruits – (I bought mine from the Co-Op)
– 1 apple
– 4 tsp cinnamon – 2tsps for fruit filling and 2 for crumble
– 100g brown sugar – for the filling
-325g plain flour
– 240g soft brown sugar
– 50g porridge oats
– 180g cold unsalted butter



1. Preheat Oven to 170 degrees and spread butter on a baking dish/pie dish or I used a cake tin as did not have a pie dish.

2. To make the fruit filling, make sure your frozen fruit is defrosted and mix with an chopped up apple. You can either peel or not peel the apple I chose to not peel as I prefer the taste. Then mix with 2 tsps of cinnamon and 100g brown sugar until all the fruit is coated. Leave to rest whilst making the crumble topping

3. Mix flour, sugar, porridge oats and 2 tsps of cinnamon in a bowl.

4. Add the cold butter and using your hands mix the mixture until resembles breadcrumbs.

5. Pour your fruit filling into the tin/dish and spread evenly on the bottom of the dish.

6. Add the crumble topping and spread evenly over the fruit filling.

7. Put the crumble in the oven for 40 minutes. Keep checking to make sure not burnt.

We really enjoyed this with some custard and I think I prefer this to apple now!




Hope you enjoy this and let me know if you make it! 



Katie xx

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I'm Katie, a 24 year old going on 40 Northerner who loves posting pictures of my food and Dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging and sharing my love of cake, feminism, jumpers and savings with a whole new community.

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