Low budget easy Valentines present ideas

Hello guys,

The big V day is upon us. Now to me it is just another day, with the exception chocolate leading up to this day becomes more expensive and heart shaped. I do enjoy scrolling through social media and seeing the ridiculous things people have bought each other for another day of the year.

I know what you’re going to say – that I’m not in love, or I’m a bah-humbug. Well I am in love, but I do like to express it most days of the year by letting my boyfriend make me cups of tea on a regular basis and keeping my complaining to a minimum. Maybe it was getting dumped when I was 16 on Valentines day so long long ago that made me think well what is this stupid holiday even for?

HOWEVER if you’re not like me and actually prefer to show affection on V day then keep on reading. I present 3 different ways to show your love without splashing out loads of money only to be stuck with a giant teddy on your bed for years.

DSCN0368-2 - Copy

Date idea jar

I do confess I got this idea from pinterest. We have a baby on the way (if you do not know you can read multiple other blog posts about my upcoming child here) and money and time is going to be spent making sure I have a cool alive child.
So when it comes to spending the day together, just two adults we can get stuck for ideas… so I wrote 14 ideas on ice lolly sticks and stuck them in a glass vase ready for the next date night.


My date night ideas – feel free to steal or think of your own

1. Go to the cinema
2. Make pizza together
3. Book a spa day
4. Book a night away together
5. Go to a new city
6. Your turn to cook a romantic meal
7. Go Bowling
8. Go to a museum
9. Go for a walk and take a picnic
10. Get tickets to a food festival
11. Book a weekend away together.
12. Your turn to pick the film on movie night.
13. Eat out somewhere new.
14. Go Ape


Sweet messages to your other halfΒ 

This will hopefully save me from a few arguments and sleepless nights. I think sometimes sentimental presents can mean more than buying a present – sometimes I said, Andy if you a reading this I mean rarely.
I wrote sweet individual messages down for 8 different occasions. I’m not going to share with you what the messages say, as I’m sure you understand that is something private between myself and Andy.
However examples of the reasons I wrote messages included; working late, when I made myself a cup of tea and not him and when I’m annoyed at him.


Breakfast in bed – their favourite breakfast

This idea, I feel is a genius idea that should be done on a more regular basis. I mean who doesn’t love a fresh brew in bed with breakfast before they have to get up to face the day?

I brewed Andy freshly grounded coffee (I know get me) in this rather beautiful one person cafetiere and I made him a bacon sandwich.


Although the rose is fake – the sentiment is real guys.

You could do this with any food and bring it up to them to surprise them on V day.

Hope you find these ideas useful and let me know your Valentines day plans.

p.s. I’m not sponsored by these red confetti hearts I just had a lot to use!


Katie xx

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I'm Katie, a 24 year old going on 40 Northerner, a new mum to baby Pippa who loves posting pictures of my food and Dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging and sharing my love of cake, feminism, jumpers and savings with a whole new community.

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