Tatton Park Foodies Festival

Hey guys,

On the weekend Andy and I attended the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park. I have never been to a food festival before and even though I was excited, I knew this was the most middle aged thing I had probably done yet. That been said, I was perfectly fine with this as I would rather go eat cheese and talk about cooking than go out partying any day of the week.

I was most excited for the free samples of food more than anything!

There were lots of food stalls, ranging from posh mac n’ cheese, churros to Greek food. The problem with this is you want a bit of everything but your stomach can only take so much. Also the downside for myself was I expected at a  food festival there would be at least one gluten free stall, but this was not the case. I didn’t go hungry, do not worry.

The Pimms booth was a bit of me, a giant spotty tea pot and if I wasn’t driving, I would have a been a local. The free samples of alcohol I was getting was enough not to buy any. This post definitely makes me sound cheap but I’m pretty sure that’s why we went.

To start I had lovely nachos, cheese and jalapenos as nachos are my favourite food in the world. I’m still on the hunt for the best nachos in the UK but so far Miller and Carter do a good nacho starter. Andy had a burrito and it was gone before an arty photo could even be taken.

After doing a few laps of the food stalls and grazing on the free samples, I decided on goat curry, rice, plantain and coleslaw as I just love Caribbean food. This was the first time I’ve had plantain and it was just a bit too sweet for me. I encouraged Andy to have the rib combo box as if it was GF I would have gone for that as the ribs were enormous and meaty. I’m also a big fan of open grills.


As usual for us we were nearly late to see Rosemary Shrager, the TV chef cooking Risotto with Luis Troyano from GBBO 2014. I have seen Rosemary on TV but I didn’t realise how funny she actually is. Andy had a fan girl moment and wanted a photo with her, secretly so did I. Rosemary looks like our proud grandmother, definitely having this hung when we move out.

We also saw Sean Wilson, Martin Platt Gails’ ex husband in Coronation Street. He now makes cheese and cooks for a living. Me and Andy were more surprised that were both remembered what character he played in Coronation Street and who he was married too, considering neither of us watch it. He actually made a really good tomato curry.


Andy finished the day on some churros and then a shot of Whisky before I made him go for a quick walk to see some rare breeds of sheep in Tatton park before the drive home.

Worth the walk

If it’s on again next year, I recommend a visit as Tatton Park is beautiful and it is worth the price.

Hope you enjoyed the read,



The edgy photo Andy wanted.

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