Going wheat/gluten free

Hello guys!

So you may have read/seen my last post about gluten free turkey meatballs with a chunky tomato sauce.. if not here is the link so you can have a cheeky read before you carry on…

Thai Turkey Meatballs and Chunky Tomato Sauce

That post was no coincidence. Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with quite a unique allergy called food induced exercise allergy. This means certain foods bring on an allergic reaction if I exercise afterwards. Now exercise can be anything from walking up and down the stairs, to running. So when I say exercising I mean just moving. It’s unfortunate as I used to love exercising and was so close to running a half marathon before my legs gave in a week before the race. I was just starting to get back into exercise when I got diagnosed and then I started getting anxious about exercise as I thought I might have an allergic reaction.

I know what you may be thinking.. why not just avoid the food? The food that I’m allergic too includes wheat, bacon and baked beans. I was tested for other food products but these came back as the three strongest and unfortunate as probably my favourite food (a fry up on Sunday yaaas!). At first my specialist doctor said to leave it 6 hours after eating before exercising but then it got to the point when even this wasn’t enough to prevent an allergic reaction happening. My allergic reactions can be mild, to severe hives that make my whole body feel as if it’s on fire and my body swells up and then to complete anaphylaxis shock.

So now I’ve been told to cut all these foods out of my diet for good! At first I thought this meant just bread, but when I did my research into what contained wheat I realized what an upheaval to my diet this was going to be. Nearly everything I ate had wheat in it and now I’ve started checking the packets, it’s no wonder I was having so many allergic reactions!

GF book 003

At the moment, this is all new to me and I’m finding it tough to not eat my usual food. A few of these books I already had pre allergy but I find their recipes really good so far for gluten free cooking

  • Gluten Free: Fuss-Free and Tasty Recipe Ideas for the Modern Cook (By the Love Food editors – £3 at The Works)

This was an absolute steal. To be honest when I thought the Works was closing a few years ago I was gutted as they do have a good selection of cook books. I picked this up the day I decided to go full wheat free/gluten free. It has some good recipes that are pretty simple in terms of ingredients and instructions

  • Eat Smart (Naomi Smart – £10)

I bought this a while ago as I like Naomi’s youtube videos. The recipes do involve a lot of ingredients that a bit more hard to come buy for a simple soul like myself. However they are nearly all gluten free or adaptable quite early to become gluten free. I really like the salad ideas.

  • How to Eat Better (James Wong – £10)

This is a new buy – a few months ago maybe? It it more the science and facts about the food we are putting into our body more than recipes. It’s a good read and interesting to know the difference between certain veg and fruit we are consuming. I might be the only one who wants to read about the difference between sweet potato and normal white potatoes..

  • Lean in 15 – The Shift plan (Joe Wicks – £10)

I love love this book and I think most of my family do too. We have adapted the recipes more for our lifestyle but I love how easy they are, quick and good for 1-2 people. This book again not specifically aimed at gluten free but I’m the only person in my family avoiding gluten/wheat at the moment so actually I need recipes that suit both. I do ignore the exercise in the back because lets be honest one thing at a time.

  • Ready Steady Glow (Madeline Shaw – £10)

You can tell I’ve used this a few times, the nice stain on the bind and the steady is a bit faded. I’ve adapted Madeline’s recipes for my own lifestyle but they are mostly gluten free and just scream healthy living. Again like Naomi Smart’s book a lot of the ingredients are not your stable food cupboard ingredients and are a lot more difficult to source. Also I bought this book with the hope by eating what she eats I would look like her as on Madeline’s Instagram as she is always glowing.



This is my future because I don’t want allergic reactions regularly, I don’t want to be anxious and I want to be able to exercise. So if you can give me any tips on eating out gluten free, recipe books and tips in general that would be fab! Let me know too if you suffer any allergies and how they affect your life.

P.S. Sorry for the extra long post.



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