6 Towns 1 city carnival

Hey guys I’m back!!!

It makes me very happy to say that I’ve finished my masters and have the time now to do things that I love including this blog. My head wasn’t in the right place to be posting things a few months again and I felt guilty for writing posts instead of doing uni work. HOWEVER that part of my life has come to an end now and I want to continue writing for pleasure rather than marked pieces of work. DSCN0018

This weekend A and I went to a carnival in Stoke-on-Trent, a nearby city in the UK. It was recommended to us by family and it did not disappoint! The carnival was called 6 towns 1 city and it was Caribbean themed. This was just a beautiful day with good Jamaican food, good music and people coming together to celebrate this city. Even better that the sun was shining and some how I managed to escape without sunburn 🙂

Now I have to say well done to Stoke-on-Trent because this was a really good afternoon well spent and it makes a change from going to festivals and listening to the same music.


The first thing we obviously did was queue up and get food. How come British people will instantly join a queue regardless if there are other tents with the same thing being served? I presume if there is a queue that it must be good! Let me know if you think the same or am I just being tricked? Well we queued up and both got jerk chicken and rice – mine with coleslaw and A had fried dumplings. So So tasty!


We then walked around and to my horror I still had the label in my H&M top, kindly pointed out by another citizen. Keeping it classy since 93′ We enjoyed the music, I awkwardly posed in front of signs and we basked in the heat.

Just as we were leaving we realised we missed the alcohol tent! Darn!


Glad to be back. Hope you enjoyed my mix of food and life.

Speak soon

Katie xx

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I'm Katie, a 24 year old going on 40 Northerner who loves posting pictures of my food and Dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging and sharing my love of cake, feminism, jumpers and savings with a whole new community.

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