Jerk chicken kebabs and fruity summer rice

Hey guys,


The weather in the UK has been so sunny the last few days, it’s lovely but at the same time horrible when you are sat inside working. It does make you go outside on your lunch break and I think everyone is in a better mood when it is sunny.
I’m not sure people were too keen to sit next to me today (TMI!!)

So as we start to feel more sunny, I think our meals start to reflect this. Out goes the stews and the heavy meals and in come the summery food that make you wish you were on holiday in Greece.

This meal was a last minute idea when I was asked by my family to make dinner as everyone was busy. Normally in my house it’s whoever is at home makes dinner. It was so easy to prepare and with the few added touches it was a really flavorsome dish that can be served for any occasion.


Jerk chicken Kebabs & Fruity Summer Rice

(Serves 4)

+ 4 chicken breasts (cut into  chunks)
+ Mushrooms (Halved)
+ Sweet or normal red pepper (chopped into chunks)
+ Jerk chicken spice (4 tbsps)
+ 2 cups of rice
+ Mango (chopped into chunks)
+ Pineapple (chopped into chunks)
+ 1 red onion (chopped)
+ Spring onion
+ 1 tbsp coriander
+ 1 tsp lemon juice




1. Cut the chicken breasts into chunks. Good meaty chunks! Add to a bowl and add the jerk chicken spice. You may need to add more or less spice depending on your preference. Mix well.

2. Thread kebab sticks with chicken, mushroom and pepper. Other veg can be used but I had ran out! When finished leave ready to cook last.

3. Prepare rice in a slower cook or on a hob as per instructions.

4. Chop the fruit, red onion and spring onion and leave to one side for now.

5. Cook the chicken kebabs under the grill on a medium heat for 25 minutes or until cooked.  Make sure you turn the kebabs half way through.

6. Meanwhile when the rice is cooked, drain the rice and add the fruit, veg and spring onion and mix. Then add the coriander and a dash of lemon juice and mix to taste.

7. When kebabs are cooked serve with the rice.


Let me know if you give this a go.

Katie xx

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I'm Katie, a 24 year old going on 40 Northerner who loves posting pictures of my food and Dog Ruben. I'm venturing into the unknown world of blogging and sharing my love of cake, feminism, jumpers and savings with a whole new community.

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